St. Paul in Sacred Scripture tells us to preach the whole Gospel in season and out of season. Isn't it strange that today we never hear about the four last things - Death, Judgement, Heaven or Hell. Why are these truths hidden from us and our children. After all everyone of must die and face judgement. We are only here on our earthly pilgrimage for one reason and that is to know and serve God in this life and to see and enjoy Him forever in Heaven. God is merciful and also just. He wants all of us here on earth to win our salvation. Today they preach a message of love and indeed we must all follow the two great commandments, love of God and love of neighbour. At the same time we must remember Our Lord's own words "If you love me keep my commandments" and the new Catechism of the Catholic Church states very clearly that if we don't keep God's commandments and die in the state of mortal sin we must face an eternity of separation from God in the fire of Hell. Unfortunately modern writers and preachers never mention this great truth. You may not like reading about Purgatory and Hell in our magazine but until our pastors and teachers start preaching the whole Gospel message, we will continue in our small way to make up for what is lacking. We must warn our children of a false catechesis which exists today that everyone is saved.

The Mother of Jesus has come to earth many times to save souls from the fire of hell. It is almost certain that there is no other reason for her visitations to La Salette, Lourdes and Fatima. At Fatima she left a prayer which She asked to be repeated after each decade of the Rosary. The prayer is the key to all Her visitations: "O, Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to heaven especially those who most need Your mercy." On July 13, 1917, she opened up the earth so that the three shepherd children could look into hell. This was done so that the children could testify to the reality of this place of punishment for the wicked after death. The following is the description of this place of misery by the Fatima seers in Father Breen's book, "Recent apparitions of hte Blessed Virgin Mary":

"The children saw emanating from her hands two bright and penetrating beams of light slanted obliquely to the surface of the earth, which seemed to penetrate the ground. A rift of some magnitude opened. Looking downward, the children saw a vision of hell. Down in the deep caverns of that frightful maelstrom, the three little seers gasped in horror at the dreadful spectacle. Lucia's gasp was audible: Oh! Our Lady!" Lucia's account follows: "We saw a sea of fire in which were huge numbers of devils and damned souls in human form, plunged in deep immersions, all blackened and burnt, like transparent coals of black and bronze embers. The would be raised in the air by the flames, floating and swaying in clouds of flame and smoke, then falling back on all sides and in all directions, without weight or equilibrium and unable to control their movements. On fire within and without, they floated and showered about like sparks in a general conflagration amid shrieks and wailing screams of fiendish terror, pain and despair, which filled the fiery atmosphere. The sight caused her to shudder with horror and fear. We could tell the demons by their horrible, repugnant figures of loathsome and unknown animals which were blackened like coals by the fire, and yet were alive and transparent."

This hideous sight lasted only a minute for the children said they would die had it lasted longer. Our Lady looked on the children and said to them: "You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save poor souls from hell God wishes to establish the devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If people do what I shall tell you MANY SOULS WILL BE SAVED."

Jacinta grew almost obsessed with the terrifying fate of souls damned through sin. "So many fall," she said. "So many fall."

"Hell...hell..." Jacinta repeated in an anguish of horror, "how they grieve me, those souls in hell...souls burning alive like wood in a fire..." Then she would fall upon her knees repeating the prayer Our Lady taught the three to say after each "Gloria" of the Rosary" "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins. Save us from the fires of hell, and lead all souls to Heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy."

"We must pray a great deal to save souls from hell," Jacinta would call out to her two companions, in the words of Our Lady, "Don't you want to prevent souls from falling into hell? So many souls go to hell!"

On one occasion Lucia reminded her of Our Lady's promise to take her to Heaven: "Do not be afraid; you are not going there; Our Lady is going to take you to Heaven with her."

"Yes, I know, I want all those people and everybody to go there, too. If only sinners could see hell and know what it is like, as we do, they would not sin any more, and no one would go to hell."